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The Passenger - Lust for Life

Twenty First Century Woman

Wanted: Models

Oh Sanity

Under Where?

Running Circles


Surfer Girls

Polka Dot Bikini

From Semester 1 revisiting what I did not bring

All about the feathers.... Freedom is the recent theme!

The great Duane Michals!

Leaving the 50s and heading to the 60s

Experiments with the digital darkroom 2

Before beginning any serious shooting, I have been doing a ton of reading, and writing of the first papers. I am also preparing for a class I will be teaching, Intro to Digital Photo, and I have been playing around with things I never use.

Expirements with the digital darkroom 1

Girls Rock- Showing until the end of July,2010 100 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH open most days

The Space Between, this site specific installation was a result of an invitation made by the curator, Jeanne McCartin to cull a selection of images from my live entertainment stock photographs made at venues in the region, and 10 years as house photographer at the Casino Ballroom. My response to this request resulted in the creation of a space between the audience and the performers, representing what I, as the image maker, find myself between; on one side the named performance, and on the other, the performative response by the audience.This show is a group show, in addition to photography, the exhibition includes sculpture and painting. 16x24 inches each This piece spans ten feet in width, and six feet in height

Limited License

"I recently read in the New Yorker an interesting distinction between "moaning" and "complaining." To moan is to verbally dwell on unsatisfactory conditions to people who can do nothing about them. To complain is to register one’s dissatisfaction to those who might help mitigate the problem. Please don't moan; it will only make things worse, and feel free to complain. Be well and work hard," -Tony Apesos

Show: Nacotta in Portsmouth, NH

Leah Giberson I really love this work, probably my attachment to nostaglia. This current body of work by Giberson falls somewhere between the worlds of photography, painting and collage. She begins her pieces with photographs of seemingly ordinary and mundane scenes, which she then paints directly upon to distill and reveal the visually poignant moments that exist all around us, but are usually overlooked. Despite all the suburban scenes and mid-century modern design in her work, she was actually raised by artists deep in the woods of NH and now lives and works on the top floor of a sunny triple-decker apartment in Boston.

Why aren't Boston meters like this one!!!???

Rachel Perry Welty "Lost in My Life"

Welty, a Museum school grad and resident of the Boston area, spoke at the Portsmouth Museum of Art (I walked from my studio!). She was wonderfully articulate and open about her meticulous process. Though it may appear she is an artist who uses photography, her work includes performance and video and drawing. Her work is painstakingly laborious, reordering and re-purposing what is often overlooked as she creates a homage to the daily process of consumption that occupies our lives. (Serg, must check out her Facebook video)

Francesca Woodman

One of the artists I have been studying is Francesca Woodman.This morning I made this image of contact sheets, of her! A friend/photographer/neighbor mentored her during the time she was at RISD, Doug Prince. I'm trading him for a photo!


Ok fellow AIB-MFAer's --- Who's work is this at the ICP-MECA in Portland, Maine? Hint.... faculty!

$45,000-The Armory Show

One of my big outings this semester was to the NYC Armory Show. I have loads to report and this was one of my OMG moments. Loved this image, and have learned more about the artist Vanessa Beecroft and her many projects. This piece reminded me of Eleanor Antin. Beecroft bases her work around performance. The 147 inch long image caught my eye, with it's contemporary display and then the price tag.


photo by Kelly Bellis 2007 Boston Common - For every square inch of the bright red fabric flowing from a casualty of the World Trade Center, a casualty of a fallen U.S. serviceman and a casualty of an innocent Iraqi citizen, twelve actual casualties are represented. Standing absolutely motionless on a low small pedestal for 45 minutes at a time, the Casilio sisters; (L to R) Sara, Kelly and Alicia, identical triplets, profoundly effected many of the 10,000 protesters who gathered at Saturday's rally calling for an end to the war. These incredible women do performance art and collectively call themselves Triiibe - check them out at and at the ICA

Julia Margaret Cameron

In the course of her lifetime Cameron would come to know of the push for women's emancipation, the end of slavery in America, and the emergence of a new medium -- photography. "The gift from those I loved so tenderly added more and more impulse to my deeply seated love of the beautiful, and from the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour, and it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigour. Many and many a week in the year ’64 I worked fruitlessly, but not hopelessly." —Julia Margaret Cameron

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman is an artist I have been directed to explore. Over a short period of time she created a large body of work. I am presently doing my first critical paper on her work with a comparison to Cindy Sherman and her Untitled Film Stills series. Both artists started creating black and white photographs during the same time period, the late 1970's. I am looking forward to seeing this movie.The Woodmans 
Directed by C. Scott Willis
(USA, Italy, China) – World Premiere
The Woodmans are a family united in their belief that art-making is the highest form of expression and an essential way of life, but for photographer daughter Francesca, worldwide acclaim came only after a tragedy that would forever scar the family. With unrestricted access to all of Francesca’s works and diaries, The Woodmans paints an incisive portrait of a family broken and then healed by its art. In English, Italian with English subtitles.

Being Group 1

I hope you can take a minute to enjoy this memory we had together, and just a funny video on it's own. Got to love those lazy susans! I remember that evening to be quite a special one and hope we can repeat it each semester. Those of you who did not make it, we missed you and by the size of this table you can see we had plenty of room and food to share!! The idea came to me to do an art swap when we return in June. I will send out a reminder, if you are interested bring a small piece of art, 8x10 or under, place it in a sealed envelope, then we will do a blind draw. It will not take long and it will be a nice way to start a collection. (hit play even though it is black!!)

The artist Luz Elena Moreno

Luz Elena Moreno is a Mexican artist that I have come to really enjoy.
Her work involves a great deal of mysticism and deep meaning regarding the symbolism that surrounds the angels she paints.  She talks about feelings & dreams and suggests maybe giving a message to the religious subconscious of each person.  I especially like the thematic narrative in her work and the use of wings.

Madwomen Series Begins

Returning from my first MFA residency at AIB-Lesley I found myself propelled from academia to the fiery excitement of creating. I was immediately excited to work on my male series and my narrative with women. I am inspired by color and clothing and location and especially the esthetic of the 50's and 60's. For this body of work I have decided to work my ideas through the concept of "Madwomen" spun from the series "Madmen" and the thought of the women in that era, how they are portrayed in the show, alway waiting for the man, and always seeming a bit vacant to me.