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The exhibition at The Children's Museum in Dover, NH during the Spring of 2014 is the first to introduce one of the series I have been working on in México over several years.   These portraits of teens are paired with the individuals hand written biographies.  This exhibition started as a Learning to See project photographing teens in a similar way to my Being 13 series, but just one image of each person and a few basic questions answered in Spanish. Then the information became blog post bios en español for students in the States to respond to; in Spanish; and then do the same themselves to start a blog pen pal exchange.  

When Curator, Tess Feltes invited me to show work from Mexico, I revisited this project and found a wonderful treasure I had not realized I had in the hand written word.  I also realized these teens are now moving into adulthood, and the many documentary images I have made in this village are preserving an unfolding story.  I am anxious to return.


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Cyanotypes 2016

I have been working with the cyanotype process more seriously for the past couple of years, adding to my Ms. Behavior series and to an on going series called Dulce Suenos which the piece being made below is part of.

The photograph is of me creating a large scale cyanotpye on silk of Hilaconea while visiting friends in San Poncho, Mexico and where these plants were growing in their garden.  (photo by Bill Paarlberg who assisted me in this piece)

The final piece is for sale and presently exhibited at Camera Commons in Dover, NH.

Halaconea, 40x48 silk, stretched.

Project Dress Code: Participaton Ongoing-Exhibition at UNE October 2019.